Make Accepting Payments Hassle-Free

We offer convenient credit card processing solutions for businesses in Copperas Cove, TX

Need credit card processing terminals for your small business in Copperas Cove, TX, or surrounding areas? CardRoyale Payments Agency is here to help. We can set you up with a system that will process payments from anywhere you need to go with Wi-Fi, without Wi-Fi, with card present, or card not present

You'll be able to accept all card types and can even take advantage of our cash discount program to pass processing fees onto the customer. Let my team and I build you a secure payment processing solution that grows with your business. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

CardRoyale Payments Agency makes use of Cost Saving Analysis CSA: We will compare our rates with yours upfront. Which will show you exactly what our fees are compared to your current fees.
Cash Discount Program - The cash discount program was developed to allow business owners to pass the cost of processing cards to their customers. A business offers a discount to customers who pay by cash or check instead of a credit card. When they pay by card, a 4% fee is added to the bill to cover their credit card processing fees, eliminating all business owners' processing fees,

Leverage technology to make managing payments easier

CardRoyale Payments Agency is the credit card processing agency that does it all. Our credit card processing terminals can be integrated with:

  • Blogic
  • QuickBooks
  • ADP
If needed, we can help you manage and seamlessly sync payments between multiple terminals. What are you waiting for? You know you're curious to find out if we really can lower your fees.